Meet the Team


Managing Director

Responsibilities: To oversee the planning and delivery of all projects.

He is: Precise, Passionate, Caring and Energetic!

He loves: Woodworking, Cooking, Surfing and Sailing.

You’ll mostly find him: Talking to everyone – always busy and doing over 20,000 steps a day!


Office Manager

Responsibilities: Developing relationships with Suppliers. Supporting the team and always coming to the rescue!

She is: Efficient, Thorough, Caring, Funny and down-to-earth.

She loves: Melvin (her dog), Family, Interior Design, Cake and Christmas.

You’ll mostly find her: Writing To-Do lists, speaking with Suppliers and getting stuff done!


Business Director

Responsibilities: To the lead the team and help everyone be the best they can be!

She is: Motivating, Good Natured, Detailed, Compassionate and Caring.

She loves: Staying fit and healthy, and reading lots of personal development books!

Favourite part of the job: Seeing the team work well together and achieving great things.


CAD Technician

Responsibilities: Creative and Technical Design.

He is: Creative, Energetic and a Petrol-Head!

Favourite part of the job: Final assembly in the workshop.

Favourite destination: Malta (not biased at all)

Tea or Coffee? Builders Brew – two sugars and biscuits.