Environmental Policy

We believe that our business is responsible for achieving good environmental practice and operating in a sustainable manner in our office, workshop and onsite.

This Policy applies to all Pioppo employees, agency staff, contractors and subcontractors who undertake activity for and on behalf of Pioppo.

It applies to the materials and services we procure, our direct manufacturing operations and the services we provide to our Customers.

We are committed to complying with the environmental practices, including the commitment to meet or exceed applicable legal requirements.  At Pioppo, we will continue to strive for improvement of our environmental management system, to minimise the creation of waste and pollution, and ultimately, reduce our impact on the planet.

We are therefore committed to improving our environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy, growth and operating methods.  We will manage our processes, our material and our people in order to reduce the environmental impact of our work.

Pioppo have set out the following objectives:

  • Reuse, Refurbish and Repurpose all materials and build items where possible.
  • Divert waste from landfills and energy to waste incineration plants.
  • Produce a clear waste management plan for all materials used in-house.
  • Reduce and reuse packaging materials, whilst removing non-recyclable packaging materials from use.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and standards.
  • Understanding the environmental expectations of our customers and key stakeholders.
  • Ensuring our suppliers are able to support our environmental commitments.
  • Consider Smart Design to reduce material consumptions.
  • Constantly review aspects, objectives and targets.
  • Promote recycled materials.
  • Educate and encourage non-pollutant materials to be used on projects.
  • Improve the efficiency of our energy usage.
  • Ensure vehicles are replaced at economic intervals and regularly undergo normal servicing and ensure they are below the limits set by the Department of Transport.

Pioppo will encourage all employees to implement the objectives of this policy into their day-to-day work through regular discussion, communication and training.

The Directors are responsible for the policy development, co-ordination and evaluation of performance.


To assist with this, Pioppo will:

  1. Discuss environmental issues with all employees, agency staff, contractors and subcontractors.
  2. Ensure the environmental policy is communicated and accessible on our shared drive, in our workshop, onsite and during the induction phase.
  3. Conduct training programmes and encourage best practice by all Pioppo personnel.
  4. Work with suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment.

Environmental Management Review Meetings

At intervals of six months an Environmental Management Review Meeting will be held by the Directors.

The Objectives of these meetings are primarily to:

  • Review the environmental management system
  • Ensure the requirements and objectives of Pioppo’s Environmental Policy continue to be maintained.
  • Sustain continuous improvement in overall environmental performance.
  • Ensure compliance to all applicable legislation and other requirements.

Environmental System Management Audits

The Environmental Systems will be audited at 6-month intervals.

Only Pioppo Personnel who have been trained in environmental auditing are able to carry out these audits.

An external audit from QMS will be carried out annually to comply with our ISO 14001 accreditation.

The audit includes:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Objectives
  • Targets
  • Environmental Document Control
  • Environmental Training
  • Non-Conformance
  • Corrective and Preventative Action

Pioppo provide full transparency of their sustainability practices and encourage you to get in touch if you require further information.